Shara Azod - Adventures in Erotic Literature


Publication Date: May 25, 2012
Price: $4.99

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For Angelina Brown, everything that couldn’t be proved with science was basically unnecessary; including love. Her outlook on the emotion was clinical, almost detached. That is until she found herself mated to one of the dragon shifters in a resident horde that she helped look after as an expert dragontologist.
Ryuu had two issues. One, he needed to find a mate and fast. Two, he needed to solve a murder even faster. The first issue is taken care of when his mating to Angelina pretty much drops into his lap. But after an incident that leaves his confidence shaken, he begins to wonder, is the good doctor with him because of her heart’s curiosity or her brain’s?
Stuck together through an unbreakable bond that is as old as time and just as strong; the pair finds themselves not only trying to figure out who their surprise arsonist is, but whether or not they should follow the lead of their emotions.